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Finding Forever Homes for Our Furry Friends.

Tour for Life Adoption Event


Friday, April 15th, Noon to 6PM at Tractor Supply on West Broad in Columbus. 

Stop out and see some of our animals up for adoption and check out our free raffle. 
There will be free goodie bags while supply last.

Volunteers are needed for this event. Please sign up today.

Hounds and Beagles

Currently the HSMC has many hounds and beagles. These dogs can make good family pets. 

A few of them might do better as an outdoor dog in a nice fenced area.

During the month of April, their adoption fee is $50 which includes heartworm testing, vaccines, rabies, spay/neuter, microchip and county license.

Please consider adopting a hound today.

No Pets for Easter

NO PETS FOR EASTER--- Every year, children are given bunnies and or chickens for Easter. And every year, shelters end up with calls a few days or weeks later asking to take those animals in. These are not disposable pets. You also can not release them into the wild. They will die. And not all shelters are equipped to handle rabbits or chickens. The HSMC isn't able to care for them.

So this year, make it chocolate or a nice stuffed animal. Please, please, please shelters are begging you to do the right thing for not only your children but for the animals.

Feline Frenzy for March

FELINE FRENZY--- During the month of March, the felines are hoping to go home.

The HSMC has discounted several of the adult cats. The ones in this flyer have a discounted adoption fee of $20.00.

Some of the other adult felines have a discounted adoption fee of $30.00 or $45.00. Adopt two felines and get an extra $5.00 off the total.

Our normal feline adoption fee is $60.00 which includes Feline LeuK/FIV testing, vaccines, altered, dewormer, and rabies if old enough.

Please stop out at the Humane Society of Madison County and adopt a feline today. You can also view our animals at www.hsmcohio.com and also fill out an adoption application at the same time.

Kroger Shoppers

KROGER SHOPPERS------Between November 1st to January 31st, you raised $1700.66 for the HSMC.

We were told that it was 132 households who did their shopping. We know we can get more supporters than that to sign up and shop at Krogers.

This is NO money out of your own pocket other than for your purchases at Krogers.

How it works, each time you spend money at Krogers, they donate to us. Yep. Krogers gives the HSMC money because you shopped there and had listed the HSMC as your charity. But you have to make sure you are signed up. Read below on how to do this. And remember, you have to do this every year. April is the enrollment month to resign up. But you can sign now up if you are not already.

You can help support the Humane Society of Madison County each time you shop at Kroger. Just sign up at Kroger Community Rewards https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards
The HSMC organization #81167.

A portion of your purchase will be given to the HSMC whenever you use your Kroger Plus Card. You have to enroll or re-enroll every April. So please click the link in blue and sign up today.

The HSMC receives a check every quarter based on folks who support us using their Kroger Plus Card.

There is NO cost to you at all.

Volunteers Needed

If you are bored and have nothing to do, come volunteer at the Humane Society of Madison County. You could come and play with or walk the dogs. Play with cats. Help clean, sweep and mop.

To be honest, we really like it when people come and walk the dogs as it give them extra attention and time out of their kennels.

Can you give an hour or two of your week to make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.

Come out anytime we are open which is 7 days a week.

Sad Day at the HSMC

Betty Peyton, director here. Yes, our shelter was broken into. We had to wait to get permission from the sheriff's office to let folks know. We are grateful that NO animal was hurt during the break in. That was our biggest concern.

Now we have to take funds meant to help the animals to replace damage done. Yes, we have insurance. But our deductible is $2500. I am sure we will beat that amount in all that needed repaired and replaced. But to have to spend $2500 on something that does not directly help with the care of the animals just plain sucks. Sorry. No other word comes to mind. Well, there is other words but not meant for public. 

As for the drugs stolen, they were in a safe. The thieves tossed the safe out onto the front sidewalk. The drugs were in glass bottles. Bet they didn't make it in the toss inside that metal safe. Karma will come to those who harm others. Nobody was physically harmed, but emotionally, the employees and HSMC board feel violated. 

 Anybody who might have any information about any of the break ins regarding animal shelters, please contact the sheriff's office. Please share this story. Somebody some where might have information. Please help us finding these evil people.




Beds for dogs

The HSMC uses Kuranda Beds in the dog shelter. These are wonderful raised beds to help get the dogs off the floor when they are resting or sleeping. We add a blanket for extra comfort. We are doing a bed drive to help get enough beds for all the dog kennels. We are currently 6 medium beds short and would love to even have extras. Please consider donating a bed today.

Just click this link and it will take you straight to our page for the Kuranda Beds.

County Dog License Due by January 31st

Even $10 will help