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Finding Forever Homes for Our Furry Friends.

Volunteers Needed

If you are bored and have nothing to do, come volunteer at the Humane Society of Madison County. You could come and play with or walk the dogs. Play with cats. Help clean, sweep and mop.

To be honest, we really like it when people come and walk the dogs as it give them extra attention and time out of their kennels.

Can you give an hour or two of your week to make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.

Come out anytime we are open which is 7 days a week.

It's Not Happening'

Humane Society of Madison County

It's Not Happenin'
Cash-4-Kibble Dinner & Auction

Time: N/A
Date: Not Now
Where: No Where
Catered by: No One

Dear HSMC Supporter,

Each spring the HSMC has a dinner & auction which I chair. Lots of work goes into this kind of event. From working with the caterer on the menu and place for the event. Working on getting items for the silent and live auction. Designing and printing out the invites. Plus set up and running the event. It does take lots of time.

This year, I just did not have the time. My mother passed away September 2014. So I have been helping my sister who is the executor of the estate. Then at the end of January, that same sister had some major health issues. I am her person, the one she depends on to help her. Between doctor appointments, physical therapy, I have not had any extra time to devote to this Cash-4-Kibble event.

This is very upsetting to me as this is one of our major events to help bring in the much needed funds to help operate the shelter. Without funds, the HSMC would have to close the doors.

Our budget is about $14,000 a month between payroll, medical and vet care, utilities, insurance for the building, etc. 

The county pays us $5,000 a month. The rest of the funds come from donations and events. 

Please consider donating to the HSMC as if you were attending the spring dinner/auction. The RSVP card inside gives you a list of some of the things you would have spent money on if you came. We need your help.

Sincerely,    Betty Peyton, Director

P.S. Use the "Your Not RSVP" below to send in a donation. You can click on it to print it out. 

Kroger Rewards

You can help support the Humane Society of Madison County each time  you shop at Kroger. Just sign up at Kroger Community Rewards  The HSMC organization #81167. A portion of your purchase will be given to the HSMC whenever you use your Kroger Plus Card.

The HSMC receives a check every quarter based on folks who support us using their Kroger Plus Card.

There is NO cost to you at all.

You have to enroll or re-enroll every April. So please click the link in blue and sign up today.

Sad Day at the HSMC

Betty Peyton, director here. Yes, our shelter was broken into. We had to wait to get permission from the sheriff's office to let folks know. We are grateful that NO animal was hurt during the break in. That was our biggest concern.

Now we have to take funds meant to help the animals to replace damage done. Yes, we have insurance. But our deductible is $2500. I am sure we will beat that amount in all that needed repaired and replaced. But to have to spend $2500 on something that does not directly help with the care of the animals just plain sucks. Sorry. No other word comes to mind. Well, there is other words but not meant for public. 

As for the drugs stolen, they were in a safe. The thieves tossed the safe out onto the front sidewalk. The drugs were in glass bottles. Bet they didn't make it in the toss inside that metal safe. Karma will come to those who harm others. Nobody was physically harmed, but emotionally, the employees and HSMC board feel violated. 

 Anybody who might have any information about any of the break ins regarding animal shelters, please contact the sheriff's office. Please share this story. Somebody some where might have information. Please help us finding these evil people.




Beds for dogs

The HSMC uses Kuranda Beds in the dog shelter. These are wonderful raised beds to help get the dogs off the floor when they are resting or sleeping. We add a blanket for extra comfort. We are doing a bed drive to help get enough beds for all the dog kennels. We are currently 6 medium beds short and would love to even have extras. Please consider donating a bed today.

Just click this link and it will take you straight to our page for the Kuranda Beds.

$10 takes one home

County Dog License Due by January 31st

Even $10 will help

Leaving a Legacy for the Humane Society

Madison Press by Andrea Chaffin achaffin@civitasmedia.com

The Humane Society of Madison County may soon have its forever home.

Thanks to the gifts of two area couples, the shelter has the opportunity to purchase the facility in which it’s currently operating — if officials can raise the remaining $20,000 needed to close the deal.

The possibility presented itself recently when Humane Society of Madison County (HSMC) Director Betty Peyton learned the organization has been named in an estate will.

Upon their passing, the late Molly and William “Bill” Glover, Madison County residents, left behind a legacy for the humane society to the tune of $120,000.

News of the gift — which came via a letter — shocked Peyton.

“I recognized their names and knew they were animal lovers,” Peyton recently recalled. “But, they were quiet about things. I was completely and utterly dumbfounded.”

Much like the Glovers, Peyton and her husband, George, have also been supporters of the humane society. In 2000, when the couple’s dog passed away, Betty became a shelter volunteer. It was something George suggested to help her cope with the grieving process.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet. But, I found out I am dyslexic during my senior year,” Betty recalled. “So, I decided I won’t be a vet. But, I fell into this and I love it.”

Her involvement continued to grow within the organization, leading up to her becoming shelter director in 2010. She serves as a volunteer director.

Previously, the humane society operated in a cramped space comprised of a cinder block building and adjacent trailers on state Route 38 outside London, receiving about $30,000 annually from county commissioners, Peyton said.

Everything changed when the Peytons, who operated White Tiger Graphics in London and are now “semi-retired”, found a property for sale on state Route 142 outside West Jefferson. Previously a church, the “perfectly sized” building was in a perfect location, Betty said.

The Peytons purchased the building and renovated the property, investing about $300,000 of their own money. According to the agreement, HSMC would lease the building from the Peytons for $1 a year. After 10 years, HSMC could purchase the property for a fair market price.

Those plans changed when the Peytons learned of the Glovers’ gift. They made an offer to the HSMC Board of Trustees: The Peytons have $140,000 remaining on the loan of the building. If HSMC uses the Glovers’ gift of $120,000 to mostly pay off what the Peytons owe, the Peytons will write off the remaining value as a donation.

To complete the transaction, HSMC must raise the $20,000 difference, and the Peytons will release the property to HSMC, taking a personal financial hit of $160,000 on the building.

“We’re OK with that,” Betty said, when asked about she and her husband’s investment. “We don’t have any children; our children are our dogs.”

Math calculations complete, it also means the HSMC will be able to purchase its building for $20,000.

To raise the money, HSMC has launched its “Shelter Their Future Campaign,” a capitol and endowment campaign slated to run through Labor Day.

To make this goal, HSMC is asking its supporters donate $20 each. Any additional funds will go towards establishing an endowment fund.

“It will help ensure the financial future of the organization beyond the lifetimes of us all,” Betty said. “It’s all about leaving a legacy.”

To donate, go online at www.hsmcohio.com, mail a check or money order to HSMC, P.O. Box 777, London OH 43140, or stop by the HSMC at 2020 Plain City-Georgesville Road, West Jefferson, OH 43162.  Shelter hours are seven days a week this summer, except for July 4 and Labor Day.

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January Events

Sunday, January 19th from 12-2pm
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